Do you offer Extra Mural activities?

Our programme is more than adequate for these early years and therefore do not offer any extra-murals on our property. We encourage parents not to feel pressured to enrol their children in extra activities.

We include Puppet shows, Demonstrations, Creative activities, Craft, Baking and Movement as part of our programme. These are included in the school fees.
Field trips / Outings are for the Grade R class only.

Do you offer meals?

Mid-morning snack (±10am): Parents are responsible for a packed fresh lunch, e.g. a sandwich, dried or fresh fruit already cut or peeled, yoghurt or other healthy food. No sweets, crisps, sweet biscuits or carbonated drinks allowed. Remember this is only a snack and your child should have a full breakfast at home.
Pebbles provides water and cold drink throughout the day.
Aftercare: Pack a separate lunch for the afternoon (±1pm).

What if my child is ill?

A child suffering from any infectious condition whatsoever, also high temperature, diarrhea or vomiting must be kept at home until the condition has passed.
Provided the contagious period has passed, and your child returns to school, you may bring medication in a small ziploc bag, clearly marked with name and dosage and complete the Medical File in the office. Also inform the class teacher.

Is there a nap time?

Up to the age of 4, rest is important. We ensure that the children rest daily and Pebbles provides a light blanket. Confirm with the class teacher whether you would like your child to rest.